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Allow Me to Share With You My Thoughts

Jewels from Judy: Allow Me To Share With You My Thoughts

Judy A Bauman

An Exhortation from the Father: Allow Me To Share With You My Thoughts

“Remember, the mind of Christ is all that matters. I am the Author of all life. I give freewill and do not take it back when it is inconvenient to Me. I warn you not to pick up the weapons of your enemy, or you will become like your enemy. The ‘snake and the mongoose’ is not a dance you want to involve yourself. Shake off the snakebite, knock the dust off your shoes, and let us produce what is true and worthy of your time and Mine.

“What are you doing worthy of My time? What are you doing worthy of yours? You have a finite number of hours, I caution you to use them wisely. Like David who was continually surrounded by enemy combatants, you are to know that I will set a table for you in the midst of them. There is no servant of Mine who has ever been void of those who hate without reason. The fact is, the enemy does not like being exposed to the light – especially when he has been entrenched and hidden in darkness for a long time.

“Let My word speak for itself. I Am well able to defend it. If those who wonder about it will seek Me and what I have said concerning a matter, they will know the truth and the truth shall set them free. If they choose to believe a man or woman over what I have to say in the matter, then they will walk deceived until they seek Me.”

Your loving Father

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In the Father’s love,

Judy A Bauman

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