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Abide in My Love

Jewels from the River: Abide in My Love
Judy Bauman 
March 17, 2011
Abide in My Love!
As I sit worshiping the Lord, a vision unfolds before me.  I see myself near the River lying in cool grass surrounded by little white spring flowers. The sky is blue as blue can be! A fluffy cloud slowly passes by and I am trying to play a game I used to play as a child and make out shapes within the clouds. I see one that looks a bit like a lady’s purse. Then the strap breaks at the top, it splits and the cloud begins to look like a dove. The wind picks up and it looks like the wings are flapping.
I am pondering this, when suddenly I realize the Lord is lying to my right in the grass with His arms behind His head. I feel a deep sigh released from my body at the relief that He is here! Oh GLORY! My King is here!!!
He turns on His left side and looks deep into my eyes and says, “Never doubt My love for you. Though life’s difficulties come and go, My love will always remain.” 
He leans forward and scoops me into His arms in a firm embrace. I can hear His heartbeat. The cry of His heart beats in rhythm, “Nations, Nations, Healing for the Nations.” I take another deep breath and let out a deep sigh. I feel myself melt into His embrace. I do not mean this figuratively but literally. I am absorbed into Christ! I can see behind Him – the tree’s edge, the opening to the path that leads down to the River, the rock that I have sat on so many times.
Then I turn around inside of Him and see as through His eyes. Everything is so bright!!! The colors around me are much more vibrant than I could ever imagine. There are hues of color I have never seen before. Looking out of the Lord’s eyes is so much more intense than I could envision! I can also hear with increase intensity as with my new found eyesight. In the natural I would probably die – that or become blind and deaf.
The Lord begins to walk and I find myself struggling to find my balance inside of Him. I feel like I am learning to walk all over again; I am unstable and feel like I might fall. Then I realize I can’t fall because He’s the one walking! His walk is so different than mine. I lean back into Him and get into the rhythm of His stride. As we walk along the River a small bird comes close and it seems to be personally known by Jesus.  I feel His good pleasure in His creation and how much He loves it when we appreciate little treasures like this bird found in nature.
From within Himself, Jesus takes my hand and twirls me as one would when ballroom dancing. We come to a stop and I look up and He is nowhere to be seen. I realize that now – He is in me! The words to a song come to me and I sing out loud, “To be filled with Holy Light! Step into me, step into me – yah!” I sang it so loud and abruptly that one could hear my voice ring up and down the River and bounce off the nearby hills! I hear the Lord laughing. It is very strange because He is in me laughing and I can’t help but laugh too because the joy is indescribable. 
Again He takes my hand and twirls me and we are standing face-to-face. Looking deeply into my soul He says what He wants every believer to know, “You are never alone. You are in Me and I Am in you. There are many Scriptures that confirm this, but I wanted to give you an illustration. This is how you and I abide. My child, My friend – abide in My love. You are Mine. You belong. I have made you to walk with Me, to talk with Me, to hear My voice. I made you for the joy of it! I chose you out of the world and no one can pluck you out of My hand. My will is perfect and you are secure in Me. All who are called by My name have this security. It is not for a few, but sadly only a few will receive the fullness of My love for them. My Spirit guides all who receive Me into all truth. ALL TRUTH! Not partial truth.”
“I Am perfecting your faith. I Am writing it in the annals of time. Step by step your faith is increasing. There are times you feel you will fall, but then you don’t. It is because I am in you to catch you. If you fall, it is because you have stepped out of Me; but you are caught as soon as you step back into Me. I Am your Helper. All things that the Father has is Mine and My Spirit will disclose to you what is My perfected will for you. My sheep know My voice. Do not be discouraged by those who sow doubt and discord in the brethren.”
“When a word of correction comes from My heart, though it may wound you for a time, it will have a harmonious sound to it. You will know it is Me because there is a peace that is undeniable when you are submitted to My correction. If you will tie yourself to that disciplining and allow yourself to be trained by it, you will reap the peaceable and delicious fruit of righteousness. Of that fruit you will be nourished and satisfied. The strength you gain will not be short-lived like breakfast, but will carry you throughout your life.”
“I will be with you in your home, your region, your country and to the ends of the earth. That is My promise and not one can take that from you. So be it.”
The vision begins to fade but I still have a question burning on my lips. For some reason I am unable to form it. I see the Lord standing in front of me and He is holding my hands. He sees my frustration and says, “All in good time, little sister, all in good time.”
I have never heard Him call me “little sister” and it’s endearing. I can hardly wait until my next encounter with the King.
Scriptures to ponder:
John 15; Hebrews 12; Psalm 37:24
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